Over 57th NMR-DG Annual meeting

57th NMR-DG Annual meeting

Organisers: Anne Wentink (Leiden University), Chloe Najac (LUMC), Daan de Kort (Shell), Evan Wenbo Zhao (Radboud University), John van Duynhoven (Wageningen University/Unilever), Klaartje Houben (DSM), Patrick van der Wel (University of Groningen), Rolf Boelens (Utrecht University)

Host: Daan de Kort (Shell)

Registration: via our NMRDG website Registration Annual Meeting 2022. There will be no registration costs for the meeting.

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Location: Shell Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam, Grasweg 31, 1031 HW Amsterdam,  route description

Visitors of ETCA are requested to bring valid identification: passport or ID card. A dutch drivers license is also valid.

More information can be found on the website.

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